Moog Werkstatt – custom mod project

modified Moog Werkstatt
Modified Moog Werkstatt

I just finished up some intense custom mods on this Moog Werkstatt. I packed in a bunch of cool goodies and the case of this little synth is now totally at capacity. It even bulges a little bit, and it feels noticeably heavier. It sounds amazing if I do say so myself. Continue reading “Moog Werkstatt – custom mod project”

Korg SV-1 “Stage Vintage Piano” – keyboard action repair tips

Korg SV-1 keyboard
Korg SV-1 keyboard

This is a new-ish keyboard that is not a synth, but is stocked with samples of classic vintage keyboards, like the Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Mellotron, etc., and has fully-weighted keyboard action and a little tube preamp. It has 73 keys and because of the weighted keys and thick body material is quite heavy.

My tasks were to replace the USB MIDI jack (a quick job) and fix a handful of black keys that had dropped– they were sitting lower than the other keys and making a clicking sound when played. Continue reading “Korg SV-1 “Stage Vintage Piano” – keyboard action repair tips”