ARP 2600 with 2-voice upgraded 3604 keyboard and ARP ephemera – $12,000

Another single-owner instrument, this nearly-immaculate ARP 2600 has a 3604 keyboard upgraded to 2-voices and comes with a treasure trove of original ARP swag, documentation, promotional materials, and other ephemera: User manual, ARP recommended patch book, blank patch book and MIMEO sheet to make more patch sheets, color advertisements, ARP catalogs, demo 7″es, and issues of “Arpeggio” magazine.

The synth itself has been meticulously overhauled for peak performance and reliability. This is an extraordinarily rare find and we have done our best to make sure it will sound as good as it looks for years to come!

Check out all the special extras in the gallery and read below for an overview of all of the services that it has received.

Condition/service details

We believe in transparency when selling “pro serviced” synths so always include documentation of what services every synth we sell has received. Our approach to servicing vintage instruments entails both making sure every synth is working 100% now, and eliminating common failure points to preempt future issues.

This unit received the following services while it was here with us:

  • Power supply update: all polarized (electrolytic and tantalum) capacitors, rectifiers and regulators in the power supply replaced
  • All tantalum capacitors throughout the entire synth replaced
  • 741 and 311 op amps throughout replaced due to known high failure rates and upgraded to ones with better accuracy and noise characteristics
  • All sliders and other panel controls cleaned– sliders have been disassembled for thorough internal cleaning
  • All jacks tested and cleaned/polished as needed
  • Pratt Read keyboard action rebuilt with new bushings and keyboard bus bars and key contacts cleaned/polished
  • Calibrated to factory standards
  • Testing and 24+ hour burn in period
  • Note: one of the encapsulated oscillator modules had failed so had to be replaced with a new one from SynthRestore.

Cosmetic condition: excellent. The original owner only played this synth for a few months before packing it away in its case, and it looks virtually untouched by time!

Contact us at 267-683-5442 or if you are interested in buying or would like to arrange to try it in the shop!