CGS “Synthacon” Filter and Blacet “Dark Star Chaos” Modules

CGS Synthacon Filter and Blacet DSC2000 – no knobs yet

This is the beginning of a massive MOTM modular project that we’re probably going to be working on for a very long time.  We were handed a few big plastic tubs containing dozens of modules ranging from apparently complete to semi-built to just bare boards and we’re just supposed to slowly complete and test them all.   Continue reading “CGS “Synthacon” Filter and Blacet “Dark Star Chaos” Modules”

Jed’s Peds “Shooo Gazer” Pedal

Jed's Peds Shoegazer Fuzz Pedal
Jed’s Peds Shoegazer Fuzz Pedal

Darian just finished a job putting together this pedal (for the same person who I did this pedal for last week). It is actually two fuzz pedals in one, Jed’s Peds “Soda Master” and “Farting Cones,” based on Devi Ever’s “Soda Meiser” and “Torn’s Peaker” respectively.  The client didn’t want us to put any labeling on it, so the picture above is probably pretty meaningless and boring, but there it is… a very loud and very noisy dual-fuzz pedal.

Custom Build – MP Custom FX “Germaniac”

MP Custom FX Gainiac
MP Custom FX Gainiac

I finished up a custom build of this MP Custom FX Germaniac guitar overdrive pedal for a regular client yesterday.  The client wanted four additional always-on blue LEDs to indicate the corners, which meant creating an additional tiny board to house their resistors and wiring.

This pedal is LOUD, crunchy and trebly.  Naturally, I tested it with a synth. I don’t have guitars around here. But yes, I can build guitar effects!