Now seeking to hire a part time assistant tech!

After almost exactly two years in business Bell Tone Synth Works has reached the point where we must scale up or fail. The demand for our work far exceeds what the two of us can do, and our waiting list grows longer every day. So I have made the decision to seek to hire a part time assistant tech.

I am looking for someone to work initially about 2 days a week to help with synth repair, starting with simpler repair tasks such as cleaning sliders and the many other things we have to clean, keybed repairs, and large-scale replacing of components; as well as, to a lesser extent, other more office-y tasks (phone calls, emails, inventory, packing and mailing orders). The more you can do, the more work we will be able to give you. The position will be flexible with the option to grow as you learn more skills.
We are ideally looking for someone who already has soldering/desoldering experience and electronics theory knowledge. The more experience you have building and troubleshooting electronics, using electronic test equipment, and so on, the better. Quite honestly, the less I have to train you, the more I’ll be able to afford to pay you.
Pay will start at $15/hour and you will start off classified as an independent contractor until I am sure I can afford to employ you on a somewhat long-term basis.
If you get to the point where you can do repair jobs by yourself without my supervision, pay for those hours will increase, eventually approaching $35/hour, but you will probably still be asked to put in hours doing non-repair work at a lower rate.
We still work out of our house in West Philadelphia but we do have a well-appointed and relatively spacious home workshop with two workstations. My partner and “other employee” Darian works part time so you’d probably be working alongside me on his days off, but his schedule is flexible and yours can be too. I’m hoping that with the help of the increased work volume that hiring an assistant tech will allow, we’ll be able to move operations into a dedicated non-house workspace before too long.
If you are interested, please send a resume to and explain why you’re interested and mention any other potentially relevant skills and qualifications you have in the text of the email. I know a lot of the skills and experiences that may be relevant may be things that aren’t on your resume!
Alison Stout, owner
Bell Tone Synth Works

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