5 Underrated ’80s Polysynths (that you can get for under $1000)

50 underrated 80s polysynths

Here’s another article I wrote for Reverb.com, devised as a sort of year-end-list for 2017, profiling my favorite vintage polysynths I’ve worked on that can still be had for under $1000. This one’s for all of you who feel like you can’t afford to own a cool vintage synth. Some of these can be found for as little as $300!

siel dk-80 synthesizer

3 thoughts on “5 Underrated ’80s Polysynths (that you can get for under $1000)”

  1. Why is this piece of shit an article? All it does is link to another article. Get a new job or hobby and stop trying to put content on the Internet. This is garbage.

    1. Hello kind friend, how nice of you to inquire. This my workshop blog and I’m crossposting something I wrote for another site in case anyone who reads this blog is interested to read it as well. I hope that satisfies your curiosity, and goodbye forever.

  2. Thanks for the article! I actually have two of the ones on your list: Roland JX-3P and Ensoniq ESQ-1. And I agree with you on both of them. I recently recommended the ESQ-1 to a friend on a budget and he loves it. The Akai AX-60 I have not gotten to play with, but I do have its cousin the AX-80 which I quite enjoy.

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