Moog Opus 3

Moog Opus 3 synthesizer
Moog Opus 3

The Moog Opus 3 was Moog’s only string/ensemble synth. Today it is the perfect choice for you if you want string synth limitations at a Moog price. I think the organ sound is better than average, the string sound is a little worse, and a typical Moog filter on the “brass” section makes it at least better than the average string synth’s brass/synth tone. Continue reading “Moog Opus 3”

Quasimidi Polymorph (#3) – our Polymorph repair and rebuild service

quasimidi polymorph repair
another Quasimidi Polymorph (!)

This is the third Quasimidi Polymorph I have rebuilt in the past six months, and the second that I have done for out-of-state clients who contacted me after searching for “quasimidi polymorph repair” (see what I did there?) and coming across my first post about it. The Polymorph is not a vintage synth nor a very common synth, but it is a very powerful and unique synth that is much beloved by its owners, and at around 15 years old at this point, pretty much every Polymorph out there now suffers from a debilitating knob jitter issue. Continue reading “Quasimidi Polymorph (#3) – our Polymorph repair and rebuild service”

ARP Odyssey Mark III (and it’s our birthday!)

ARP Odyssey Mark III

I just finished up an inside-out full restoration of this ARP Odyssey (Mark III). I’m replacing the slider caps, which were all missing, with bat style toggle switch caps which I soften with a heat gun until I can slide them over the shaft of the slider, and haven’t gotten the green and blue ones yet, but wanted to take this photo and do a post because today is our birthday! Continue reading “ARP Odyssey Mark III (and it’s our birthday!)”