Roland Juno 106 (#4)

Roland Juno 106
Roland Juno 106

Another Juno 106. This one, miraculously, had all of its panel switches working! It had not had such a hard life as many others.  Only one voice chip was failing but we opted to restore all of them. It’s best not to give them a chance to get worse.  I pretty much always do all of them now.

Restored voice cards returned to module board

Even after putting them all back in the calibration was spot on, too.  Maybe I just happened to put them back the exact same way that they were in before! The chances of that are 6 factoral (aka 6!), or 1 in 720. Just in case you were curious.

Work Done: Replaced power supply smoothing capacitors, patch memory battery, replaced Roland power connector with standard IEC connector. Removed, soaked and stripped/cleaned, resoldered SMD parts, and placed all six voice cards in new sockets; sealed with silicone. Verified calibration. Cleaned sliders and rotary potentiometers. Cleaned sticky tape residue off of keys!

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