Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe

Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe organ
Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe organ

Darian just finished up a pretty labor-intensive repair on this 1968 Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe combo organ for the owner of Collingswood Music in New Jersey. It should be showing up for sale in the shop there soon!  Continue reading “Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe”

ARP Axxe

ARP Axxe synthesizer
The ARP Axxe

I worked on two ARPs most of the day for the last few days, this one and an Omni 2.  The filter, ADSR and VCA on the Axxe are very close to identical to those in the Omni’s “synth section.” While I was initially skeptical of the Axxe (as I am of any synth with only one oscillator), I really appreciate the fact that it lets you route the envelope generator to control PWM, which you don’t often see.   Continue reading “ARP Axxe”

Yamaha DX7 iiD (DX7 #3)

DX7 iiD

Another DX7 needing keyboard work, this one the second version, the DX7 iiD. Unlike the original DX7, which is elegantly designed for servicing with a hinged panel, the DX7 iiD features a nightmarishly large array of different sizes of screws and bolts, and you have to take dozens of them out to work on it, and take all the boards out through the bottom of the synth. The bottom of it actually has a warning: “CAUTION: DO NOT REMOVE THESE SCREWS.” If only. Continue reading “Yamaha DX7 iiD (DX7 #3)”

Rhodes Mark II 73 Stage Piano Restoration

Rhodes Mark II 73 Stage Piano
Rhodes Mark II 73 Stage Piano

This Rhodes is identical to my own, which I bought when I was 17 and gave a similar treatment to years ago.  The Rhodes piano is a beautiful and well-designed instrument which of course is prone to its share of issues. A Rhodes piano restoration is something that might be enjoyable to someone who doesn’t mind doing the same task 73 or 146 times.  Guess what… I enjoy it. Continue reading “Rhodes Mark II 73 Stage Piano Restoration”

Maestro W-2 “Sound System for Woodwinds”

Maestro W-2 "Sound System for Woodwinds"
Maestro W-2 “Sound System for Woodwinds”

This odd little thing, made by Gibson/Maestro in 1967, is not a synth but an early effects processor designed to be used with a mic’ed signal from a woodwind instrument.   Continue reading “Maestro W-2 “Sound System for Woodwinds””

a DCO is not a digital oscillator

VCO vs. DCO vs. Digital Oscillator

I keep hearing and seeing people referring to DCOs as digital oscillators, which is not correct, and a sad insult to DCOs in my opinion as a lover of DCO synths. So I decided to fight misinformation by making a post here explaining the actual difference between VCOs, DCOs and digital oscillators. Continue reading “a DCO is not a digital oscillator”