“Kiwi-8P” Roland JX-8P Upgrade (and a Kiwi 106)

"Kiwi 8P" upgraded Roland JX-8P
“Kiwi 8P” upgraded Roland JX-8P

I did the Kiwi 8P upgrade on this Roland JX-8P this week and just by coincidence did a Kiwi 106 just last week as well. These are very deep and powerful synth upgrades designed by a New Zealand-based company called Kiwitechnics, and they have similar ones available for a few other 80s polysynths.

inside view of Kiwi 8P daughterboards installed in JX-8P

The Kiwi upgrades include a completely new operating system, additional modulation sources and modulation routing options, vastly increased patch memory and the addition of both a sequencer and arpeggiator for both of these synths. The addition of all this functionality requires a complete remapping of the synth’s controls.

Kiwi 106 on “P1” pretending to be normal

The Juno 106 upgrade uses a system of “pages” wherein Page 1 gives you basically normal operation of the synth, but on the JX-8P, once the Kiwi upgrade is installed it is impossible to use it without consulting the instructions and key to Kiwi parameters. The colorful new panel overlay labels all the new functions of the buttons and lists all the parameters and how to access them.

We don’t keep Kiwi upgrade kits in stock, but if you provide one we can install it within a week or less. Base prices for Kiwi upgrade installations are $130-$180 depending on the model of synth.

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