Quasimidi Polymorph (#3) – our Polymorph repair and rebuild service

quasimidi polymorph repair
another Quasimidi Polymorph (!)

This is the third Quasimidi Polymorph I have rebuilt in the past six months, and the second that I have done for out-of-state clients who contacted me after searching for “quasimidi polymorph repair” (see what I did there?) and coming across my first post about it. The Polymorph is not a vintage synth nor a very common synth, but it is a very powerful and unique synth that is much beloved by its owners, and at around 15 years old at this point, pretty much every Polymorph out there now suffers from a debilitating knob jitter issue.

Quasimidi Polymorph Repair and Rebuild Service – This is a service for which there is a surprising amount of demand and which I am happy to provide to out-of-state clients. The client pays for shipping both ways which tends to be $50-60 altogether. Rebuilds start at $280, including parts, for a full replacement of EVERY potentiometer (the controls turned by the knobs) and encoder on the front panel. If your Polymorph is unusable due to a steady stream of random information coming in from all of the knobs and unresponsive buttons, this service will solve your problems. Some Polymorphs will also need button switches replaced, some will not– I’ll have to see when I get it.

Email us at belltonesynthworks@gmail.com if you’re interested in arranging to send your Polymorph to us for repair!

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