ARP Odyssey Mark III (and it’s our birthday!)

ARP Odyssey Mark III

I just finished up an inside-out full restoration of this ARP Odyssey (Mark III). I’m replacing the slider caps, which were all missing, with bat style toggle switch caps which I soften with a heat gun until I can slide them over the shaft of the slider, and haven’t gotten the green and blue ones yet, but wanted to take this photo and do a post because today is our birthday! It has been exactly one year since Bell Tone Synth Works “officially” launched (though our “official launch” was just me posting an announcement on Facebook and Instagram).

But more importantly, that was when I committed to trying to make a living fixing synths full time after saying I was going to do it for years.  I was afraid there might not be enough work to keep me afloat, but I sure was wrong. In the past year I have worked on over 70 synths and I’m actually working more than I ever have before.

For the first time in my life, I have a job that I both enjoy and think about constantly when I’m not working. I make it more stressful than it should be because of my obsessive personality– at night I literally dream about synth circuits and the troubleshooting problems I haven’t solved yet. I would never consider turning back though, and I am very glad I took the risk to try to become self-employed in a field of work that I’m actually interested in.

Also, I have to acknowledge the support provided by my partner Darian who has another job but also helps with the repairs here, as his help has been invaluable when I’ve been feeling overwhelmed.

Finally, I want to thank all those people who brought work to me in the past year. I really appreciate you all because I know it might have felt like you were taking a risk too in bringing your repairs to a tech who was so new on the scene. I’m really happy I have been able to help so many musicians (and synths) and look forward to continuing to bring your ailing instruments back to life!

Many thanks!



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