Moog Werkstatt – custom mod project

modified Moog Werkstatt
Modified Moog Werkstatt

I just finished up some intense custom mods on this Moog Werkstatt. I packed in a bunch of cool goodies and the case of this little synth is now totally at capacity. It even bulges a little bit, and it feels noticeably heavier. It sounds amazing if I do say so myself.

It’s got a volume knob, a gate input jack (this needs a little transistor circuit in order to work), and separate 1/8″ outputs for the pulse and square waveforms. But the main attraction is a built-in echo module with patchable CV modulation.

The echo circuit is a modified version of the Synthrotek EKO using the PT2399 digital echo processor chip, which is itself a modified version of one of the application circuits from the PT2399 datasheet.

Here’s a little demo video I made. The first half shows the Korg sequencer triggering the envelope generator through the new gate input jack, and then gradually adding echo. The second half shows one of my favorite ways to use it– pushing the echo processor until it starts to feed back and then manipulating the harmonics using the Feedback and Delay Time knobs while the synth plays a PWM drone.

This was a fun project and this synth has now become a whole new creature. Get in touch and I’ll help you dream up some cool mods for your synth!

2 thoughts on “Moog Werkstatt – custom mod project”

  1. In the video it kinda looks like you moved the jacks for the eko to the front panel. Is that what I’m seeing? Does it have any connections to the werkstatt other than patch cords? Just curious.

    1. Hi Jeff. The three jacks on the front panel are not related to the EKO. They are individual outputs for the two waveforms of the oscillator to make them simultaneously available, and a gate-input jack so that if you are controlling the Werkstatt with an external sequencer for example, it can also be triggering the envelope. The EKO controls are all on the left side. The EKO is internally “hardwired” into the Werkstatt now. The output of the Werkstatt is connected directly to the input of the EKO, and the output of the EKO is now what is connected to the output jack of the Werkstatt. However, turning down the “Echo Mix Level” all the way down allows you to still use the Werkstatt as if the EKO wasn’t there.

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