Crumar Orchestrator (Multiman-S)

Crumar Orchestrator
Crumar Orchestrator

Of all the string synths we’ve gotten in over the past few months, the Crumar Orchestrator (or Multiman-S depending on where you live) is possibly the best one yet. It’s got a very rich sound and it’s surprisingly flexible, giving you the ability to stack up to five different types of voices simultaneously. It also has a split keyboard so each hand can have its own voice settings. This one made no sound when we got it, a problem I traced to a failed 15V voltage regulator which I replaced with an LM7815. It also had some noisy sliders which cleaned up nicely, taking care of the remaining issues.

One weird thing about this synth is that if you don’t have the sustain / volume pedal, then the bass and piano voices will have a fixed release length. Instead of giving you no release at all, they made it just long enough to make it really difficult to play bass lines without the mix getting really muddy. It took a little digging on the internet to figure out that there wasn’t something wrong with the envelope and that’s how it’s supposed to function.

Work Done: replaced failed 15V regulator, cleaned sliders, replaced PSU capacitors

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  1. I’m trying to get a sumac multiman-s working . When I first hooked it up it worked although noisy and very dirty so I started to carefully clean the sliders using a little spray.
    I have the volume/sustain pedal but after cleaning even when plugged in the bass, piano & clav settings still sustain. Someone told me the pedal has a lightbulb inside that can burn out so the pedal won’t function. Is this true? I’m a player not a telly but this sounds weird to me.
    Also the brass was working on both sides but quit about

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