Roland Juno 60

Roland Juno 60
Roland Juno 60

I use the Juno 106 for my business card and stuff because it’s so recognizable and iconic and people bring them to me constantly, but I am really no great fan of that synth. It is literally just a poor man’s Juno 60, which was its predecessor. The Juno 106 sounds like a plastic version of the Juno 60, and the Juno 60 has a cool arpeggiator, and it doesn’t have the crappy SMD voice card circuits– it has the same circuits using DIP components right on the main board and they are a lot more reliable.  But of course, you get what you pay for, and when Roland made the 106 they were trying to shave down costs.

You can get 3D printed replacement button caps for the Juno 60 here! The one thing is that you have to replace the switch underneath with a standard low profile 12mm square tact switch for the new button to fit.

Work Done: basic service/maintenance in preparation for this synth being sold. Replaced PSU capacitors and nearby resistor damaged by their leakage, replaced patch memory battery, cleaned panel controls, verified calibration, replaced two switches with standard square tact switches so that the new button caps would fit on them. Replaced three broken keys.


2 thoughts on “Roland Juno 60”

  1. Hi Alison

    i also have a Juno 60 and i would like to carry out some maintenance as i guess this might improve its sound (i.e. even when all DCO sliders are set to 0 i can hear a muffled “pop sound” when pressing a key – that’s quite annoying).
    In your article you mentioned you had been calibrating your Juno. Sounds like this could solve my problem. Could you please share a bit more information on what exactly you had been doing to calibrate the Juno 60?

    Thanks a lot for your support,

    1. Hi Frank,
      The official Roland Juno 106 service manual describes in detail how to calibrate it. This is the procedure we follow. You should be able to find a PDF of it online for free!

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