Yamaha CS-01

red yamaha cs-01
a red Yamaha CS-01

I’ve been doing a lot of repairs the past couple of weeks that I haven’t posted about because there’s not much to say about the jobs or the instruments (digital workstations, modern hammer-action keyboards, etc), and I don’t have much to say about the work I did on this Yamaha CS-01 either, but wanted to share this picture of it just because it is ADORABLE.

This synth came out in 1982 andĀ also came in grey– the red is rarer and obviously better. It is a real analog synth (mono) with a especially bumpy, scrapy squarewave that allows you to make bass sounds in particular with good presence. I am always chasing the ideal minimally sized bass synth for my live setup and if this had MIDI it would be a candidate. I don’t know how much of that is just because it’s red though!

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