Mellotron M400 restoration in progress


Mellotron M400

I spent a lot of last week neck-deep in restoring this Mellotron M400. I’m still not finished, but here are some photos of the process…

Huge blue power supply capacitors (which I have since replaced). Sorry my fingers always look so gross.
Preamp and tone/volume control boards post re-capping. Also replaced two broken pots.
Cleaning 35 tape heads (and one tach head, not shown)
Making new pressure pads out of weatherstripping foam

More keyboard work on this one ahead this week!

One thought on “Mellotron M400 restoration in progress”

  1. I went to the music museum in Phoenix last week. They have a mellotron, but you can only see the outside. Thank you for making your video. I had assumed the tapes were on loops. I had also assumed you had to change sets of tape to go from flute to violin. You cleared it all up for me.

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