Farfisa Combo Compact – we can fix a bad coil!

Farfisa Combo Compact Organ
Farfisa “Combo Compact” Organ

We were relieved to discover that this Combo Compact had been much better maintained than the Compact Deluxe we worked on last month.  We were working on it for a friend of ours from DC, who had gotten it from a  relative who was a professional musician in the 70s and had taken pretty good care of it.  

The tuning coil from one of the tone generators (oscillators) had gone bad though, causing that oscillator to produce the wrong note and be untuneable.  However, over the course of this repair and the repair of that last Deluxe we worked on, we figured out that it is possible to re-wind a failed Farfisa tuning coil with new magnet wire, and successfully did so twice.  If anyone reading this has a Farfisa with a bad oscillator coil and would like it re-wound, get in touch… it would be easy enough to send through the mail.

Now that we know this, we’re looking forward to finding out what other types of organs’ coils this can be done with.

Work Done: full re-cap (replaced all electrolytic capacitors), cleaned switches and key contacts, fixed bad tuning coil, tuned organ

7 thoughts on “Farfisa Combo Compact – we can fix a bad coil!”

  1. Hello,
    I’m Bob from Winston Electronics in St. Louis MO. We have a Farfisa model CC/23=Compact with open coils, maybe 2 or 3, and also coils with frozen ferrite cores, which make them impossible to tune. Without digging out the organ and re-inspecting it I can’t give exact info. In general how much would you charge say, per coil to fix a broken winding and would you be able to take on coils with frozen cores? (and yes, the screwdriver adjustment hole is buggered on the frozen coils.)

    1. Hi Bob,
      If the tuning slugs are really totally destroyed there’s nothing we can do. A photo of the entire inductor would help us figure out whether it can be redeemed. Winding coils takes a pretty long time. The charge is $80 each. Get in touch by email if you’re interested in pursuing having that done.

  2. How much is it to rewind a tuning coil on my farfisa. I’ve been through every transistor and electrolytic on the b divider board. I don’t have a scope but all I’m getting is a low dissonant sound that won’t tune.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you have any resources for tuning the oscillator s. I have access to oscilloscopes and various red equipment.

  4. Hello. I have a coil with a chipped ferrite slug. The coil is still working, but tuning is almost impossible. Would it be possible to replace the broken slug with a new one, or am I better of looking for a spare divider board?

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