Roland Juno 106 (#3)

Roland Juno 106
another Juno 106

I sometimes wish I could just work on Junos all the time. Nothing ever seems to go wrong as I work on them. 

This is actually one of four Juno 106s I’ve worked on in the past four months.  The fourth will be for sale in our Reverb shop soon!

Work done: this one was entirely missing several voice chips after being used for parts for another Juno! I replaced the missing voice chips with AR clones and stripped and cleaned the ones that were present/resoldered SMDs, sealed them with silicone. Replaced all front panel tact. switches and one bad slider, cleaned and lubricated the other sliders, cut and replaced felt slider gaskets, replaced 2 prong power connector with IEC inlet, recapped PSU, installed battery holder and replaced memory battery, calibrated modules per Roland specs, re-loaded preset patches.

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