Nomad Model 61 Combo Organ – now for sale

Nomad Model 61 combo organ
Nomad Model 61 combo organ

[SOLD] We just put this Nomad Model 61 organ up for sale in our Reverb shop. This organ was made in Japan and is apparently the same as the Teisco Teischord G.  This is not a very well known organ but we were impressed by how good it sounds and by its build quality.  The organ was ostensibly not working when we picked it up but as is often the case with these old organs, it was just its weird jack configuration that made the seller think that.  It is designed so that the white key (“SOLO”) section can ONLY be used if you have the weird proprietary volume pedal (which of course no one does) as the signal for that channel is only carried on the weird proprietary connector for the pedal.  We had to install a bypass toggle switch to route this signal to the normal output jack; we made it a switch instead of hard wiring it just in case someone someday does have and want to use the pedal.

It has a narrow body and probably weighs only around 40 lbs., and comes with its case / lid but no legs. The key mechanism is encased by an acrylic tube that protects it from getting dirty or damaged, lending it additional reliability where many organs would be prone to malfunction.  It’s an organ that’s pretty well suited to taking out to performances.  You can just stick it on a regular keyboard stand.

Work Done: We have replaced all electrolytic capacitors on this organ, cleaned the switches and section level controls, and replaced a few transistors to get all of the circuitry working.  However, there is still a slight ringing hum in the background of the sound output. Basically the buss bar of an organ like this is a giant passive mixer, and sometimes there’s just going to be some bleed from the notes that aren’t being played.

The Nomad has a generally warm and sweet sound in the upper sections, with a relatively subtle vibrato with a speed control that does give it the ability to get unusually fast.  One of the best things about this organ is that it can make distinctly growly bass sounds that really cut through the mix, much more so than many organs.  The bass section is polyphonic and there is also an “accompaniment” section (grey keys) with a separate set of tone (filter) options.   Each section has its own volume knob to control its level in the mix.

More details  in our Reverb shop – here’s a demo video too!

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