Yamaha DX7 and another Yamaha DX7

2 Yamaha DX7s
2 Yamaha DX7s

People disparage the DX7 because of its corny presets and not-great programming interface but it is fantastic for making crazy noise patches that seem to make no sense.  I don’t have a lot of experience with FM synthesis.  Normally when I hear a synth sound I immediately start deconstructing it using the rules of subtractive synthesis.  When I hear a DX7 sound my brain goes WHAAAT? It’s fun/challenging to program a synth when I never feel like I know how what I’m doing is going to sound.  Would I ever get used to it? I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll get a Volca FM and find out.

I replaced some keys and repaired a frayed power cable on these two DX7s for BJ from Hulk Smash.  A Hulk Smash performance involves BJ actually “hulk smashing” DX7s, to the delight of people who hate DX7s.

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