Roland Juno 106 (#2)

Roland Juno 106
Roland Juno 106 with blue LEDs

I missed documenting a couple repairs before I sent them home due to an Iphone/kitten mishap that left me without a way to take photos. Now I’m back with another Juno 106 repair.  I finished repairing this one just as another client dropped off another Juno 106.  They never stop coming!

This one was in very rough shape.  From what I understood, it had sat unplayed in a cold, damp garage in Ireland for about 20 years.  There are a lot of rust spots on the panel, and there was both rust and mildew inside the synth, and it all smelled pretty musty.  All 6 voices were failing and two of them were not restored by the soak– the worst I’ve ever encountered (usually it’s between 0 and 1).

The client was not concerned about paying extra to make it look nice, so I just let it be.  I did end up replacing some bad LEDs with blue ones.  Modern blue LEDs have a more comparable voltage drop to 80s red ones than typical modern red ones do, but they are still brighter than the originals.

Work done: soaked and stripped all voice cards and sealed with conformal coating; replaced two with Analogue Renaissance clones. Replaced three broken keys,  vacuumed and cleaned inside and out, replaced power supply capacitors, cleaned all sliders and rotary pots, replaced the 5 sliders with broken shafts, replaced 19 bad tactile switches, replaced some burned-out LEDs, replaced patch memory battery, loaded factory preset patches (tips on that in my previous Juno 106 post)

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