Elka Panther 300

Elka Panther 300 or Elka Capri organ
Elka Panther 300 Combo Organ

This Elka Panther 300 combo organ from the late 1960s was fully serviced by Bell Tone’s combo organ expert Darian, and is actually now for sale in our Reverb shop.

The Panther, also known as the Elka Capri, is unusually richly featured for a single-manual organ. It has a bold yet rich sound, a powerful vibrato and a wide variety of tone filters. This particular organ bears the name Capri, but it is exactly the same as the Elka Panther 300 organ, inside and out. Features include multiple vibrato options, 3 footages (octaves) per note with level mixer and selectable tone filters for each footage, “Mixture” option for unique harmonics / ring modulator like sound, fully polyphonic bass section with optional extension for two octaves of bass (grey keys), and an interesting optically controlled feature called tone decay (subtle envelope applied to the mixture footages).

Almost all circuit failures on these kinds of organs are attributable to bad electrolytic capacitors or bad transistors.  A lot of times there are also more mechanical issues– dirty buss bars, broken or bent key contacts, broken switches.  A lot of times they look like they have been through hell, maybe actually even set on fire.  This one is in very good cosmetic condition, quite clean with an unusually classy monochromatic color scheme.

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    1. oh cool! We are out of town visiting family right now but when we get back home this weekend we’ll film one and post it for you!

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