Moog Rogue

Moog "The Rogue"
Moog Rogue

The Moog Rogue is very, very similar to the Moog MG-1.  It has pretty much the same internal design in the synth section, but the designers made some questionable choices about which parameters to allow control of– so unlike the MG-1, both oscillators on the Rogue have to have the same waveform, and be in the same octave. It has pitch and modulation bend wheels, but the MG-1 has a little polyphonic organ in there too. I prefer the MG-1.

Service Tips


Internal Transformer Retrofit

Moog Rogue transformer retrofit
transformer and fuse installed

I retrofitted this Rogue with an internal transformer, fuse and standard IEC inlet to replace the crappy cable and wall wart combo that someone had soldered to the board in place of the original AC jack, which must have broken at some point. The transformer is standard EI form, 24V / 6VA and does not have to be center tapped.  I positioned it under the bender area with the IEC inlet in the back left corner and there is no noise from it.

Other work done: replaced all electrolytic capacitors, cleaned keyboard and switches, cleaned and lubricated sliders, treated bender wheels with peroxide and sunlight to make them white again, cut felt sheet to protect sliders and switches from dust

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