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Hi friends… So after 7 years of working on synths, I’m transitioning to doing this full time and I’ve decided to start blogging about my repairs in the hope that some of my advice might help other people on their synth repair projects! I always take notes on my repairs, so I figured I might as well flesh them out a bit more and share them here.

My focus will be on sharing less-than-obvious practical advice pertaining to the idiosyncrasies of certain synths (desoldering temperatures, part substitutions, where to get specific parts, etc) that I figured out through trial-and-error, so that maybe I can help someone else avoid the “error” part of the process. The internet has been a great resource for me throughout my time spent working on electronics, and I’d like to give back by helping out the next person who does a google search for “help arp omni traces ripping off help help help nooooo whyyyyy.”

Of course– I’m running a business so I’m also trying to connect with clients, so I’d be remiss not to say here now— if you have any analog or vintage synths, combo organs or Rhodes/Wurlitzer pianos in need of a little help, please get in touch!

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